Art Consultation

Whether you are buying your first work of original art, adding to a collection, or beautifying a new home, there are a lot of very personal choices to make. With over forty years of curatorial, design, and research experience, our staff can help make collecting a truly enjoyable pastime.

Corporate Art Services

Original fine artwork can play many roles in both small and large businesses. From beautifying the space, to impressing the clientele, to creating a more pleasant working environment for the employees, we can assist you in finding the right work for your budget.

Custom Picture Framing

The gallery offers competitive pricing on a wide range of custom picture framing, for works purchased here as well as for your own art, diplomas, and certificates. We use archival materials, such as acid free mats and UV protecting glass, so that your art is presented well and protected forever.

Art Hanging

Our staff will come to your home or business and hang your art for you. We provide interior design advice, all proper hardware, and the experience to do this with little or no trial and error. Translation: no extra nail holes in your walls.


Adam Cave Fine Art is a full service book publisher specializing in small-run art books and catalogs for galleries, artists and collectors. We offer design, writing, editorial, and photography services and have relationships with numerous printers for the best prices in on-demand printing.

Art Resale

The gallery selectively takes work on consignment to sell on the secondary market. We specialize in reselling 19th and 20th Century prints, contemporary works by artists we represent, and works that compliment our regular selection of art.

Why choose us


As a collector, I have come to appreciate the breadth and diversity of the artistic styles that Adam Cave showcases in his gallery. His knowledge and appreciation of the work of local artists who are exploring challenging themes, and using a variety of mediums, has helped to expand my own tastes in art, and influenced what I collect as a result.

Stephen Cooke, Raleigh, NC

During our quest to expand the art collection at SAS Institute we have always found Adam Cave Fine Art to be one of the best places to look. Over the years we have been pleased with the purchases we have made and enjoyed the variety of styles his artists provide.

Holly Brewster Jones, SAS Institute, Cary, NC


Two or three years ago I wouldn't of thought of buying art online, but that changed when I received an email from Adam Cave Fine Art with an etching I had to have. The Adam Cave Fine Art web site allowed me to really see the art work and communicate directly with Adam on the price, details of the piece, the artist, framing, shipping…all my questions were answered. That first purchase was one of many purchases from the gallery website; buying art online is as satisfying an experience as being at the gallery.

Nancy Kauzor, Georgetown, SC